Training courses

Courses provided by smartair include…

  • GFPT

    Training for the General Flying Progress Test (GFPT) teaches you the basic skills required to fly a plane. The GFPT verifies you have reached the point where you can carry passengers, without having to hold an actual licence.

  • RPL

    Training for the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) teaches you the basic skills required to fly a plane. An RPL allows you to fly an aircraft such as the Piper Tomahawk or Cessna 172 within 25 nautical miles of your departure airport, within Australia. Provided you are current on the aircraft and have an aviation medical you will be able to carry passengers.

  • PPL

    Training for the fixed-wing private pilot’s licence (PPL) is the next step.

    By now, you have learnt how to land and can fly solo. You’ve learnt how to handle emergencies and passengers. Navigation training and flight planning commence post RPL. Holders of a PPL are able to conduct operations in various types of air space and can fly anywhere in Australia in fine weather.

    The actual time needed to reach the required standard for PPL varies from pilot to pilot, depending on motivation, opportunity etc, and the training doesn’t have to be completed within any specific time period.

  • Night VFR

    Training to fly at night under visual meteorological conditions. You’ll cover ground theory, nav-aid training, night circuits and cross-country navigational exercises. Night VFR endorsement is usually part of CPL training, but can be achieved with a PPL.

  • CPL

    The Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) is the first essential step in your career path if you want to earn a living as a professional pilot, as it allows you to be paid to fly.

  • PIFR

    The Private IFR rating, qualifies private pilots to fly in bad weather.

  • CIR

    The Command Instrument Rating (CIR), demands a high degree of training. It is a professional qualification that needs to be renewed annually, as a separate exercise from your licence renewal.

  • Tail wheel endorsement

    Your licence is endorsed to certify you are capable of flying tail wheel aircraft, which are generally more challenging to fly.

  • Multi-engine endorsements

    Your licence is endorsed to certify you are capable of flying multi-engine aircraft. For instance, CPL training is usually flown in a single engine aircraft, but having a multi-engine endorsement is a higher qualification.

  • Endorsements

    Endorsements allow you to fly aircraft with specific design features, eg multi-engine, retractable undercarriage, variable pitch propellor. Please contact us if you require training for a particular endorsement, other than the ones mentioned.

Training Courses

Smartair is based in Albury, but we draw custom from a broad market because of our convenient location.

Smartair can provide training services anywhere, any time. If someone wants something, we'll make it happen.

Most training flights are in our purpose-built, ergonomically designed Piper Tomahawk, a surprisingly spacious aircraft for its size.


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