5x5 Going Flying School Holiday Course

5 hours flying time in 5 lessons in 5 days

What is the Going Flying School Holiday Course?

This is a course designed to give students who want to make aviation their career, a head start or just want to learn to fly. It's the smart way for budding aviators to get a taste of flying – because they actually get in the air and learn the basics. Students can then make an informed choice about becoming a career pilot or a recreational flyer.

Who can do the course?

Just about anyone who is capable of controlling an aircraft. Our focus is on school students who can't wait to get started on their aviation career, but maybe you’ve enjoyed a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) and want to learn more. You don’t need a medical or a licence application so it’s a straightforward way to get started.

What's included?

  • Pilots Logbook
  • RPL Study Guide
  • 5 Briefings
  • 5 one hour flights.

What does the course involve?

Smartair instructors teach the basics of flying - both practice and theory - over a 5 day period. Classes are limited to 5 students and run from 0800-1730 each day from Smartair's base at Albury Airport.

Each morning, after a collective briefing on that day's exercise, students take to the sky, in turn, with the instructor beside them. After flying, it’s right back down to earth because students need to study modules from the supplied theory books to cover the syllabus required for the Pre-Solo exam.

Course outline

Practical component
Effects of controls
Straight & level
Climbing & descending
Stall recovery

Theory component
Air law
Emergency procedures
Radio theory

How do I learn more?

Your 5 hours of flying and theory all count toward your pilots licence, whether that be a recreational, private or commercial licence.

Our instructors will be happy to discuss how you can build on your Going Flying experience to acheive the licence thats right for you.

Call us on 02 6021 2929

7x7 Intro Course
2019 Dates

Albury during NSW and VIC school holidays.

  • 6-21 July
  • 28 Sept - 13 October
  • 21 December - 27 January


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